Sorry about the recent failures to post, but I’m a bit busy with Subway. I do have a vacation soon at my in-laws house, and hopefully I will be inspired to new culinary heights, right? Or at least I can talk about her foods. Yum!

Anyway, since I’ve been at Subway so much (oh, the annoying and lazy teenagers. Have to finish education. Will be able to acquire real job then. Want real job!) I figured I would share with you, as a Subway employee, my favorite subs.

The “Subway Employee” sandwich seems to be our BMT. (Brooklyn-Manhattan Transit is what it stands for, by the way) It’s 3 pieces of Genoa salami, 3 pieces of large pepperoni, and 2 slices of ham on a six inch. Double for a footlong, of course. Some like double meat, I like The Works minus onions and olives plus Banana Peppers, vinegar and light mayo. The light mayo really brings out the flavor of the meats, which can otherwise get completely lost, and the vinegar is just tasty. Oh, and no cheese. I can never taste it anyway.

By the way, The Works isn’t everything. Actually, it’s lettuce, tomatoes, olives, cucumbers, green peppers, pickles, and onions. Carrots, Jalepenos, and Pepperoncinis (subway uses the phrase “Banana Peppers” though) are not included in the works, but are also available. So when you say everything, you might want to specify. We get confused. Also we apologize if we’re out of carrots, subway only sends a very small bag in with a LOT of lettuce. My store runs out daily.

However, sometimes I don’t feel like my salad-on-bread-with-meat. Sometimes I feel more like something hot – in every way. I get the ‘Chicken Bacon Ranch’ – wherein the ranch is entirely optional, and your “Bread” person doesn’t care if you’re not getting the ranch. We just deal with the chicken, and the bacon and the cheese (yes, in this case: Monterey cheddar, which is the shredded super-melt stuff.) Oh, also – get it toasted. Both the chicken and the bacon are cold, it can be a pain to microwave, AND if I don’t eat it right away, I personally hate microwaved bread. It gets freakishly chewy. However, you can also request to have them just toast the insides, which is not a hassle at all, just say you want the insides toasted before we start making your sandwich, or we have to pick it all off.

Anyway, so you have your hot chicken and bacon on sub. (sometimes I get 4 pieces of bacon, which is an extra 50cents on a six inch) I like spicy, so I go for the “cowboy sub” – LOTS of green pepper, tomatoes and carrots, and southwest sauce, cut with one line of light mayo. Officially you put ranch. I hate ranch, and I hate subway’s ranch even more. It’s what “most of America” likes in their ranch – it’s less a dressing and more of a dipping sauce, so it’s thinner, and it soaks into the bread. This means most people walk in and rave about it. I find this vile. Guh.

Final sub: The BLT. 4 pieces of bacon, toasted either with the bread or on the deli papers or in a boat (if you want the cheese toasted on top but not the bread. This is mildly annoying if we’re busy, and you stand a chance of getting paper in your sub. We can’t flip the bacon right away into your bread, because both bread and veggie persons are working on someone else’s sub. Therefore, it sticks a little, and we try hard to get as much cheese out of the little boat as possible with no paper. Please don’t complain!)

Anyway, on this one I get super-extra tomatoes, usually I get 6 to fit. Then, I request salt and pepper, and once they’re done with that, I ask for lettuce (otherwise you’ll get lettuce, tomato, salt and pepper, but I like my tomato touching my bread. I’m weird.) And once that’s all over, one streak light mayo and vinegar. You’re good to go!

I would never get the BLT unless I went when it wasn’t busy and I could check the tomatoes. As an employee, there are days when the tomatoes look spectacular and I just want to sit with the little caddy and eat a whole caddy. That’s like 30 tomatoes, I’m pretty sure I’d die, but it would be a good death. If it’s not busy, though, just approach the veggie side first, and check ’em out. That’s what the windows are there for. So you can see if the food looks good, and what you want based on what looks good. Some days, the peppers look questionable. Other days they look divine. This is because Subway is Real Food. I promise, I chop those peppers and onions daily, I know. Only the lettuce and carrots come in big bags, pre-shredded. We boat the chicken into portions, we rise and bake and season our own bread, we portion out all the meats except the cold cut. (ew, don’t eat the cold cut. It’s a mystery. Actually it’s just turkey, but still! Turkey ham, turkey salami, and turkey bologna. If you like that sort of thing….)

I tried to stick with subs I’ve seen at other Subways. All of these are on the core menu, so I don’t think any Subway can not have them. I know there are a lot of mystery subs out there (the hot roast beef, which comes with gravy. Ew. Ewwww. EW!) but those aren’t everywhere. Obviously, they are regional for the taste – our subway would squander and die if we didn’t offer tuna. I’m sure there are other subways NEVER offer tuna. Also we have dill dip, which by the way we make by hand. Cool, huh? I’d give you the recipe, but I don’t know if I *could* scale it down to not-epic proportions. It makes a gallon, and there is one TEASPOON of seasoned salt in that gallon. By the time you got it down to decent size….there would be no seasoned salt.

And to the weird kid who gets the plain pickle sandwich and peels all the crust off? Dude. Go to the grocery and get some white bread and a jar of pickles. Seriously.