Product Review

A1 steak sauce has this line of marinades for fish. Do not be fooled, people – these are so good on chicken. Josh and I are huge fans of the mango chipotle marinade. I’ll take a number of chicken breasts appropriate to the appetites of the people eating, and chop into 1″ or smaller pieces, toss these in a bowl, and marinate in the mango chipotle for at least 2 hours.

Then I cook everything until the chicken is done and add 1 chopped up fuji apple, a handful of walnuts, and corn. It’s good. The whole thing works surprisingly well, despite the disparity of ingredients. Serve over plenty of rice, as it’s spicy.



This salad, though it is, in fact, a salad, is absolutely Josh and housemate approved. So easy, too!

We use the Asian Ginger salad dressing from Archer Farms, and I love it! Cut up your chicken breasts into 1″ to 1/2″ cubes (I prefer chicken crumblies, so I go with 1/2″). This is much easier when the chicken is still mostly frozen, and it can thaw in the fridge. Put the chunks into a bowl and cover with 1/2 the bottle of dressing. Let it marinate for at least one hour, and then saute it for a few minutes until it’s done. While you’re waiting for the chicken to cook, wash out the bowl it marinated in very thoroughly, and then just stick the chicken coated in now-caramelized goo right back in the first bowl. Gotta love a dish that’s thus far only dirtied four dishes, right? Put the chicken back in the fridge.

Would you like it if that were all the dishes it dirtied? Good, ’cause that’s it. I just get the salad out of the bag for this (why make something any more complex than it needs to be? This is supposed to be fast and easy. Less than 20 minutes effort!)

Anyway, so you’ll want a bag of those chow mein Asian crunchy noodles, instead of croutons. You could add a cheese, but the Asian area isn’t exactly fond of cheese as a whole, and there aren’t any particularly “Asian” cheeses that I can think of. Sheep’s cheese is more common than anything, from what I hear, but no particular ways of preparing it are “Asian”, as it were. So you can leave the cheese off for a more authentic experience, even though it’s less like caesar salad that way.

So, assemble your salad as you like, and don’t forget about the reserved dressing. To quote Josh: “No, really, this is a good salad.”