This salad is as complex or simple as you want and absolutely delicious.¬† It’s called Steak Salad, and it’s worth it.You need:

Lettuce of some kind. Iceberg is actually fine from the baggie, as you don’t want anything to flavorful or complicated. There’s plenty going on already!
Steak, done rare or as rare as you can handle. Let this sit 10 minutes before slicing into 1/4″ thick strips. If you grill it, extra points!
Steak fries – again, homemade is extra points. If you do the homemade route, put a wee bit extra salt and some chili pepper on while they’re still hot.
Sauteed  diced bell peppers, red and green Рvery thin strips is also good.
Ranch (spicy ranch is a plus) or Honey Mustard if that’s not okay. A southwest sauce would be prime. This is not a place for a vinaigrette. Think of this as cowboy salad.

Anyway, assemble your salad and eat! Delicious.


People beg me to make mashed potatoes. Josh, my family, sometimes the rare friend that has tried them. My secret?

Boil peeled and quartered potatoes (enough for 8 servings – 8 medium, 12 small, 6 large, or an appropriate mix) until fork-tender, mash with one tablespoon of butter and milk, and a package of cream cheese. Normally, I would only make mashed potatoes for 4 if we were out of cream cheese, but when I make this, everyone seems to eat double…