Right. It’s a food blog, I had to go here sometime. Dieting. shudder

I hate dieting, largely because I have never needed to. I have a metabolism that I’m routinely informed “is to die for” and my favorite foods naturally include things like “salad” and “avocado hearts and capers atop lightly dressed rice.” Therefore, combining a “dieters” menu and a high metabolism, these things – I don’t worry about them.

However, this week. Oh, my, this week. Chicken enchiladas topped with a cream of chicken sauce, peeeeee-lenty of cheese, and don’t forget the dollop of sour cream! Oh, and what about that time with the cookie salad? And don’t forget the over-eating on spaghetti while dear hubby noshed on carb-loaded dumplings. Meep. 

I’m pretty sure not even my metabolism can keep up with this – and the ever-growing lower belly bubble can attest. That wasn’t that big a week ago…. 

However, at home, we eat well (I’m sure they do here, too – this week was a parade of Josh’s favorite foods, as well as a giant barbecue picnic for 25) and I’m not as worried about the meals themselves. I’m worried about this little habit we’ve gotten into. You know, that one. 10:30 snack. 1:30 snack. “It’s already 2?” snack.  Oh, look at that – 4 o’clock snack. 7:15 snack…you get the picture.

We eat well at our house, but I’ll admit, our snacks are not the healthiest. They can include pizza, leftovers (Healthier than some, but you don’t need to be eating a mini-meal 10 minutes before bed), Ben and Jerry’s, pizza bites, full-fat chips.

This is not healthy. However, we also can’t be convinced that fruit is there for us to snack on. I hope that when I buy that huge bag of apples (FALL IS COMING I GET TO COOK WITH APPLES SOON!) (wow that’s been a long time coming…)

Anyway, so when that huge bag of apples exists, I’m hoping that we’ll nosh out of it regularly. But I cannot assume!

Rice cakes? HAH! I do not eat cardboard. I am pretty sure Josh doesn’t either. Popcorn I won’t eat unless it’s thoroughly buttered. I will eat canned fruit and cottage cheese, Josh wouldn’t if you forced him at gunpoint. To be fair, I don’t like yogurt half as much as he does.

Also, it is of note that moderation does not exist with us, especially not where chocolate is involved. I want to meet the personal trainer who actually thought a woman could eat 3 Hershey kisses when there were more in the house. I want to meet him, and shoot him in the face.  Dark chocolate, on the other hand, I can make a small bar last me a week on the sheer savoring of it. So long as no one gifts me with another bar when he sees how much I like it….

Obviously, I could keep a container of cottage cheese, some canned fruit, and some things of yogurt in the house, but how long is it until we get bored? We’ve been married 3 months, and there hasn’t been a repeat meal (except when he begs for something like mac and cheese). We’re very used to variety. When do we get bored with cottage cheese and yogurt? Can I be sure we’d eat carrot sticks? He hates ranch. I could make a dill dip, but it’d still be a question as to our consumption.

Anyway, so finally what this whole long post has been dragging to: What are your favorite diet snacks?

(And in Josh’s favor, because it kind of sounds like he’s a horrible eater – he’s not. He likes most of the healthier things I make. He’s actually complained, before I did, that there were no healthy snacks in the house. I am the guilty factor here – I just also know what we don’t eat, either of us, when it’s available.)