Yesterday I cleaned the whole house from top to bottom. (Sometimes you just have the superwoman days, right?) Well, once I got done, I was exhausted. So I decided to have a dinner date night – because steak is that easy. I pulled a loaf of bread dough from the freezer, sprinkled rosemary and fresh parmesan all over the top. Yanked the steaks, rubbed them with olive oil and rosemary.

For a veggie, I made green bean salad again – this time I had a bit more experience making a dressing, so it came out much, much better, and I used more of the freshly grated parmesan on the top. Stuck that all back in the fridge.

10 minutes before Josh was due home, tossed the steaks on. Take that, Rachel Ray! probably 20 minutes of effort, even if 10 minutes of it was 3 hours before the rest of it. And I also managed to pull that off only getting 1 bowl, 1 saute pan, and then some plates dirty. Because I’m convinced – the meals may be 30 minutes, but clean up is at least 3 hours.

Tonight is mac and cheese, and Josh wants it completely and perfectly plain. No fancy cheese, no crazy spices. Just homemade mac and cheese. Thankfully, there’s Ace of Cakes tonight, so I won’t be completely bored – and it will taste good.


This salad is as complex or simple as you want and absolutely delicious.¬† It’s called Steak Salad, and it’s worth it.You need:

Lettuce of some kind. Iceberg is actually fine from the baggie, as you don’t want anything to flavorful or complicated. There’s plenty going on already!
Steak, done rare or as rare as you can handle. Let this sit 10 minutes before slicing into 1/4″ thick strips. If you grill it, extra points!
Steak fries – again, homemade is extra points. If you do the homemade route, put a wee bit extra salt and some chili pepper on while they’re still hot.
Sauteed  diced bell peppers, red and green Рvery thin strips is also good.
Ranch (spicy ranch is a plus) or Honey Mustard if that’s not okay. A southwest sauce would be prime. This is not a place for a vinaigrette. Think of this as cowboy salad.

Anyway, assemble your salad and eat! Delicious.