While this is no Asian Chicken Salad, and my guess is that housemate would have hated this salad, Josh and I adored it!

Just take a baby blend of dark green lettuces (not micro-green, just baby), a sweet apple, cranberries, and chicken sauteed with sea salt and paprika, and toss that together.

Next, your dressing. This is the most basic dressing ever! Take equal parts honey and vinegar and blend those together. Add a squirt more honey. Add a pinch or two (or three!) of cinnamon – you don’t want to be able to see or smell that the cinnamon is there, but there should be a faint hint of it in the taste of the dressing. So add accordingly.

Then, add your oil. Go with a flavorless oil, and try to use as little as humanly possible. A blender really helps for cutting down the oil you need to obtain the creaminess you desire.

You can toss with dressing beforehand, or for each plate assembly. Yum!


Posting a little early today! The apple soup came out – well, Josh liked it. I didn’t so much, and these are my favorites, right? So, a Workshop – how to make applesauce.

It’s pretty simple, really. You melt about a tablespoon of butter and toss in some apple pie seasoning. To create, mix as follows:

1 tsp cinnamon
1/2 tsp nutmeg
1/4 tsp allspice

Toss in quite a bit of this, a tablespoon or so.

Then toss in your diced apples, three or four of them. And now, a tip! I don’t core my apples so much as I cut the middles out. I slice the apple into the usual 8 sections and then I lay them flat and slice the core piece out: imag0515.jpg

(Yes, I just use my countertop. It’s quite clean, and I don’t ever do meat this way. Promise)It looks like this when I’m all done:


Okay, so then you finish by dicing, and then you just toss in with the butter. Coat the apples in the butter and let them hang out for a minute or two, and once everything smells appley, pour over a cup of liquid. You can use apple juice, liquor (!) or just water, like me. Steam them until fork-tender, and then just mash like potatoes.

You can also skin them, but I like my skins on. I also prefer to over-cook the first set of two, until it’s quite mushy and dark brown, and then I add the rest and cook those until just fork-tender and mash. Then you get a mix of textures I really like, but some people find that I am a freak of nature. So it’s really up to you.


PS. The lovely photos were Josh’s handiwork. I cannot make my camera work properly ever, but he manages somehow. Unmanicured (and slightly sticky) hands are mine.