Every year, Josh gets a Harry and David’s box from his workplace. We never can eat it all before it goes bad, and yet it is so delicious! (Except moose munch. Josh gets his dibs on all the moose munch. I’m not a fan!)

Anyway, to aide in the eating of pears, I make stuffed pears. Stuffed pears! There are two methods, both are super-easy. For either method, heat your oven to 350. For method one, slice your pear in half and melon-ball or spoon out the core. For method 2, take a fruit corer and core the pear straight down the middle, but don’t go all the way through. leave about 3/4″ in the bottom. Now, pour high-quality chocolate chips in the core of either pear.

Bake until soft. This will take a mere 15 min if you went with pear method one, and more like half an hour with pear method 2. you get more chocolate with pear method two though. Also, if you make multiple pears, put them all in a baking dish (like for a casserole or a cake pan, whatever you have) and then cover the bottom with chocolate, and put a small amount of milk in. You’ll make extra chocolate sauce to drizzle all over your pears while baking the pears. one-pan delicious.