While this is no Asian Chicken Salad, and my guess is that housemate would have hated this salad, Josh and I adored it!

Just take a baby blend of dark green lettuces (not micro-green, just baby), a sweet apple, cranberries, and chicken sauteed with sea salt and paprika, and toss that together.

Next, your dressing. This is the most basic dressing ever! Take equal parts honey and vinegar and blend those together. Add a squirt more honey. Add a pinch or two (or three!) of cinnamon – you don’t want to be able to see or smell that the cinnamon is there, but there should be a faint hint of it in the taste of the dressing. So add accordingly.

Then, add your oil. Go with a flavorless oil, and try to use as little as humanly possible. A blender really helps for cutting down the oil you need to obtain the creaminess you desire.

You can toss with dressing beforehand, or for each plate assembly. Yum!