Commercials and early research indicates that they’ll be cooking outside and they are nicking two people off. Sabatoge is also afoot.

The sabatoge? Each chef is given the oppurtunity to select an ingredient (wild!) from a table – for another chef. Because Chris won, he gets to select the pairs of people.

The chairman, via Alton, complains that there hasn’t been enough sabatoge, and thus, this will be a double elimination round.

Chris chooses Micheal for his own partner. He breaks the Aaron/Besh best-friend duo, and makes it Besh/Morou. Gavin is paired with Aaron, as the only one left. Morou complains Chris used to be his friend.Whiny, whiny, Morou! Not very classy. He was given direct orders to sabatoge everyone!

Chris gives Symon mushroom. Symon gives Chris squab. Besh gives Morou venison leg, and Morou gives Besh fruits, veggies, and flowers.

Sanchez gave Gavin frog legs, and Gavin gave Aaron escargot. Which is apparently the one thing that Aaron didn’t want to see. Go, Gavin!

Symon thinks it would be offensive to win by sabatoge. I say, all is far in love and war!

Then they are told that they will be outside, in a nice garden without water, gas, or electricity. Also, a tiny pantry, and oh, the expansive herb garden behind them? Off limits. They are paired in location as well – each competitor is next to the one that selected his ingredients for him. For screaming matches, I suppose?

1 hour, two dishes. Besh goes to light the grill before checking out his food situation, a good move.

Only Chris is a good mood. Everyone else is crying sabatoge – Morou complains about his venison and receiving nothing to go with it. Aaron whines about his escargot – which he was in denial about. Gavin complains of frog legs and raspberries, and John Besh is grouchy about his vegetarian heap.

Symon takes a risk by making a polenta, knowing it will be very difficult and he will be given technical kudos. Morou complains the lack of spices.

Chris finally sees the sabatoge – his squab is cleaned, and he actually wanted the offal. Ew?

Besh is still very fun to watch. Even though he’ll cry foul as much as anyone else, he is taking it more in stride, and he’s fun to watch. He’s a terribly good sport about all of this.

Alton interviews the working chefs – Chris thinks they are fighting the fire the most, more than the clock or the given ingredients. Gavin says he did Aaron the favor of given him the escargot. Alton laughs and says sabatoge. Aaron agrees.

However, to ease that wound, Gavin helped Aaron out with his fire problems – Gavin loaned him his hot grill, but at 11 minutes he has a lot of raw protien out to be cooked.

Besh is comforted that if his dish tastes bad, at least it’s a great corsage!

Aaron actually makes time before it is called. For once. Thank heaven, we don’t have to listen to him whine!

Judging up! I still think that Aaron deserves to go, even though he wasn’t that bad this week. Besh deserves to stay (and win, go Besh! *waves a little flag*), and as for the others – well, I don’t know how their food tastes, and I think all of them were pretty good sports, all things considered. I like Symon, I like Chris, I like Gavin all right. Oh, yeah. Morou. Morou can leave! Josh thinks Gavin should go now.

Gavin: Grilled Frog Leg Lollipops, on leek. His failure? “I didn’t want to give you frog legs twice.” Alton, Josh, and Liz all jerk their heads up. “What if it was the secret ingredient?” we all think, marking him off our list possible successes. Now, I think it is he and Aaron who should leave. Morou can have another shot.

Symon started with a berry drink. Polenta, mushrooms and chicken, and then he had blackberry-and-onion quail salad, served family style. He went much better than Gavin, though, with no deadly mistakes, but they aren’t super-impressed either.

Besh: Grilled saddle wrapped in sassafrass. He managed to fry rabbit, Donatella is impessed. Andrew is impressed with the chickweed-rabbit connection. I am also impressed he managed to deep-fry anything on a grill. Go, Besh! (I’ll stop being a fan-girl, shortly. Promise.)

Chris: Squab breast with Juniper berry, and then a Dandelion Green salad. The salad was family-style, and they don’t seem pleased, but as with Symon they don’t complain too much.

Aaron: Escargot brochette, and a grilled lily salad. They liked it, and thought it was fun and different. Next was a mushroom salad. It looks like Aaron might stay. Again. GAH!

Morou: Venison and flowers, namely grilled daylilies? I must try this. Venison Tenderloin cured in sugar with walnut pesto up next. And blueberry garlic sauce. They critique his plating, and he worries that he hasn’t listened to them yet, and maybe he should have. Didn’t he think about that before?

Okay, so Gavin definitely deserves to go! That comment is unthinkable, given that you are going to be an iron chef. You have to think, when you are such, to put something weird into EVERYTHING. To celebrate an ingredient in five ways.

I still think Aaron deserves it more than Morou, because of his attitude, but Morou needs to pick up the ball on listening to what the judges say.

Judging comes. Andrew says Gavin failed, for the comment about not being able to do something twice – we, obviously, agree. Ruhlman demands there be salt next time. They slay Chris’s presentation, and also complain that they were “underwhelmed.”

Andrew is out to get Aaron – go, Andrew, kick him! “He has dissappointed me every time, and I’m getting ready to give up on him.” THAT is what I want to hear!

Donatella gets annoyed with Morou’s plating being less than she’d hoped for and everything she’d asked him to stop, but Andrew jumps to his defense about the creativity. Alton calls in for questions, when they feel they need more information from the chefs.

The chairman has purches four tickets to the next test, Alton says in his double-elimination speech. They must flying somewhere.

Ruhlman asks Gavin if he salted anything. When Gavin says yes, Ruhlman disagrees. Donatella wants to know if Aaron considered the escargot twice. Aaron said the same thing Gavin did – twice was too much. WHAT?! Iron chef, you’ll do it FIVE times, people. The judges will eat ten plates of whatever-it-is, twice is not too much.

Questions for Besh – did he taste the loin? Yes, he did. Did he notice it was mushy? Also, apparently, no. He got the piece that was like Donatella’s piece, I guess.

Symon, what is the tempurature of bird supposed to be? Um, high? he says. Morou, can you plate in any other way? He cringes and says, all five dishes will look unique!

Elimination – Chris gets to stay. Besh also stays, but they tell him to break out of the wee south cook thing. I won’t get too mad. He really should. He should not, however, break out of the wonderful attitude.

Symon, they feel, doesn’t listen to them, but they give him the win for his dishes this week. Twice, he’s won now. Interesting.

Lef is Morou, Gavin and Aaron, and only one of them will stay. First, the judges need to talk.

Behind the kitchen door, Andrew points out that Aaron and Gavin didn’t use the protien in the second dish. This is noted, and then promptly ignored, as Ruhlman and Andrew get into an argument over Aaron and Gavin. Alton ends it by secret ballot.

Gavin goes home. Unsurprising, though they don’t mention his comment to him. They talk about how his food was bad. Well, who cares? He can’t cook frog legs five ways, and that means he can’t be an Iron Chef. I think their priorities are in the wrong place.

A long lecture for Morou. A long lecture for Aaron. And then….

Morou goes home.

NO! No! No! Not only is Aaron an jerk and a poor sport, he didn’t get kicked for his stupid comment that he can’t do an ingredient twice. Morou wasn’t great, but he was capable of being an Iron Chef. Aaron simply is not. How many times and ways does he have to prove this?

It is truly regrettable. We can only hope he will not make the week. Again. For the third time. It’s really starting to get worrisome.

However, I was right – they are flying next week. To Munich!  See you then!