Amy, we love you!

Her husband does exist! Not dead/off at war/divorced! He likes pastry! Also, he’s a meat-and-potatoes guy. Go, not-dead husband. Also, she has a rock on her hand the size of New Mexico, maybe he got tired of people speculating his death?

In other news, she beats potatoes with a bat. This is interesting, as I have never heard of beating potatoes with a bat before putting them in a saute pan. This is unique, and different. Unlike every other FN chef ever, who teaches you new recipes, and honestly you don’t need recipes to begin with, this particular cook just gave me a new idea. Beat a potato with a bat! That is a new idea.

Josh and I agree, at this juncture (sorry about missing the first 10 minutes, by the way. There was breakfast, and we almost forgot!) that we are extraordinarily glad that Amy won. Rory, as fun as she was, likely would have been Paula, re-dubbed with more energy. Amy is teaching me things I’ve never even thought of doing, never once seen on many hours of FN watching, never even considered.

That is truly awesome. America, we picked a pretty cool chef – and it seems that the FN hasn’t destroyed her ideas either. She is doing those same things that we (okay, at least me!) fell in love with her for.

I love her version of not measuring – you need equal parts of two items, so pour them at the same rate at the same time, and stop when the pan is appropriately full. Easy pie, and more accurate than just “eyeballing” it.

I also love that they let her make profiteroles. I wish I’d been there to watch her make them to begin with.

Yummy dinner! Cracked potatoes, delicious flank steak, and profiteroles that make her bounce. Yep, bounce. We love you, Amy!

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have banana bread that’s been cooling.