Mom and Dad requested the Asian version, which was

Sesame Chicken I used whole breasts though, and cooked them covered so that they would be super tender and juicy!
Garlic Wontons
Pear and Carrot Salad
Chocolate Wontons

The recipe for the Pear and Carrot salad, as I’ve posted everything else before, is as follows:

1/3 cup sushi vinegar
2 drops soy sauce or to taste
1 healthy splash (teaspoon?) lemon juice
1 scant tablespoon sugar
1/4 tsp ginger (a few shakes)
2 asian pears
shredded carrots
english walnuts

This, being a salad, is a very loose recipe. First, I julienned the pears. Asian pears are small, so I left them as long as the pear is from top to bottom, rather than cutting them in half. Do as you like.

I put in an even amount of carrots and pears. Also, I didn’t like the walnuts at all – they made my mouth feel more full of acid – but I was loudly outvoted by everyone else. Interestingly enough, the walnuts were my idea in the first place.

Anyway, the dressing is also pretty loose. Obviously, I didn’t measure when making it, but everyone adored the recipe. Start with the rice wine vinegar, add the lemon juice next, then the rest. Then taste, and add more of whatever as needed. It should be pretty tangy, as the pears are nice and sweet, but you can sweeten as necessary for your pear’s level of ripeness. Just taste one of your little strips.

Enjoy! Dad and I thought it might also go well with sushi, and he thought duck would be a good idea. What kind of duck – all kinds? I don’t know! It is very light, and would cut duck’s greasy taste.