Tonight there was a re-run of Iron Chef, namely Mario Batali v. Des Jardins. She won.

Tomorrow, they will be showing Morimoto v. Sanchez, another rerun. My guess is that he wins, also – I think I remember the battle. As I remember, I thought Morimoto got robbed, but I generally think he is the most talented of the four, even though I prefer Mario.

Anyway, a check proves out: at 7 central each day, they’re playing an Iron Chef v. New Iron Chef battle. Though not all chefs are represented in the short time we have left, over half are. After Sanchez, Batali v. Besh is on again, and then on the sixth it’s Flay v. Morou. I would bet they all beat their choice of chef.

My guess is that these are the latest, most spectacular winners – it only makes logical sense that they were selected for beating Iron Chefs, neh? I mean, you get to Kitchen Stadium via culinary prowess (unless of course you’re Rachel Ray) so obviously these people are qualified. They get extra qualification due to the part where they won.

This show is going to be good.