Duff. Drives. A. Tank.

This cannot end well.

Also of note: at Duff’s, it’s not casual Friday, it’s Roller Skate Friday – you know, since they wear jeans and t-shirts every day.

This week has some classy cakes. See: A humidor full of Cuban Cigars, and a picnic-themed wedding cake that is topped with a cake wine barrel overflowing with grapes. To top that all off, they are creating a birthday cake for the US Army (as it was apparently their birthday) and they want a replica of an M-1 tank. Which is why Duff gets to drive a tank, so he can get a feel for it. Cake inspiration you know.

Duff takes so many field trips, just because he can. I want this job. He did get covered in disgusting goo of nasty mud, (Geof managed to remain completely clean) This is highly expected, however, it does make me far less jealous of Duff. Ew.

Mary Alice is not a poet.

Ben is wearing a smoking jacket so that he could succeed in creating the humidor cake. Now everyone is wearing the smoking jacket! Geoff tries it on to help with structural issues, and Duff wears it to smoke a cake cigar.

The fondant picnic blanket is really beautiful and the cake itself is very detailed. It will be challenging, but I think it will come out very beautifully. It’s got a lot of stuff on it, but I think it will tie together well.

The tank is also going to be a challenge. Duff is trying to convince Mary Alice and Geoff that a firework labeled “torch” is a perfectly acceptable substitute for the allowed “sparkler.” After Mary Alice informed him that she would neither take him to the hospital, bail him out of jail, or write a letter of apology to the army, he decided to test it out in the parking lot. He decided against it in the end.

The humidor cake? Holy cow. Ben put so much detail into it, it looks like you ought to smoke it. IT was just spectacular. It was this beautifully painted woodgrain box cake, resting open to show perfect cigars – and you could take them out and eat them seperately, which I thought was a great touch. Wow!

My prediction was correct – the wine-cask picnic cake was beautiful. Anna had some last minute doubts, but when does she not have last minute doubts? It came out well.

The tank was crazy! I did like the humidor cake better, but the tank was crazy, people. Just crazy. It was very boring in terms of color, so very accurate there, and it was huge. So overall it was perfect. Hilariously enough, rather than putting an illegal fireworks, he put a likely-unsafe number of sparklers jammed into a very small space. And Mary Alice was okay with this. Hoo boy.

The week was hot, though, and so when Anna was delivering the wine cake, some of the slats on the cask fell off – but Anna came to the rescue just as well as Duff did and the couple loved it. Perfect!

The tank did not actually explode upon being lit. I am almost surprised. Duff got a little mini-medal pin “for excellence” as well. Go Duff!

A good episode.