We are having a very healthy and delicious week this week(read: lots of fruits and veggies and fiber), so I thought I would treat the boys with something they might like, bacon cheeseburger rollups.

They are about as easy as they sound, though official recipes will make this harder than it needs to be by using pizza dough. Simply dice up and fry some bacon until crisp, put into a (large) bowl. Brown some hamburger in the same pan, and put that into the bowl with the bacon and a cup+ shredded cheddar. Let the cheese get melty, and then spread this onto a quesadilla. Top with more cheese if you feel it needs it, and then roll the whole thing up tightly. Let it sit for a minute or so before slicing so that the quesadilla relaxes into its new shape. Slice into 1″ rolls and serve with barbecue sauce, ketchup, mustard, or sour cream. Whatever your family likes.

Tonight, Cranberry-Apple-Walnut Chicken Salad on fresh wheat bread. Yum! Recipe tomorrow of course.