It’s a decent show, I guess. It feels like a cross between Alton Brown and Giada in Paradise – you’re learning a lot about the food and it’s origins, and why it likely came into existence, but then, you’re in Marseilles or wherever the show happens to be – getting into situations that are unlikely at best, making out like you can talk to the owners of restaurants whenever, even if you’re not a television star.

Thankfully, however, there is no suggestion that you have to get by on $40 a day, or really, even care about going out to restaurants at all. He goes to the restaurants, talks about them and their histories, and then never actually sits down to eat. He makes food with the restaurant owner, and then moves on. I guess I’m a bit annoyed by travel shows in general, so my view is a little skewed. This is the least annoying of the lot, however, and I won’t turn the channel when it comes on – high praise, for a travel/food show. 

We had the Asian spaghetti today, as I recommended when I talked about it. Use your favorite brown sauce recipe, and pour over lo mein noodles with the meatballs. It was pretty good! I would definitely recommend this recipe, so long as you’re a fan of fusion comfort foods. Some people might want their fusion food to be fancy. Hah!