I haven’t quite yet had a chance to purchase my requisite bag of apples, but I’m very excited about all the fruits of harvest. Thursday is market day, and it will be delicious, people. Also, I have actual tomatoes on my worthlessly tall tomato plants (one is 5′!). Only 15, but there should soon be more little cherry tomatoes for munching. Ah, delicious.

Anyway. In my little world o’ food, there was barbecued pork for labor day, and it came out better than I’d hoped. I had class (yes, my school is in session over Labor Day), so I just stuck cheap-o boneless pork ribs in the crockpot with water to submerge, and then I drained off some of the water when I came back from class (the pork ribs had fallen apart and were no longer as tall), always keeping everything just submerged. When I started getting hungry, I drained it as best I could, stabbed the pork a few times with a conveniently located fork,  and poured bbq all over everything. Buns and sides made for a very picnicky meal with no effort. It was nice.

Tonight is lasagna – I know, boring! I’ll lose you all. But Asian meatballs are tomorrow, if I can find sesame oil. I’ll post of course, if it comes out well.

We did have Moroccan burgers, though. They were pretty tasty! I used epicurious’ recipe for Moroccan seasoning, stored in a little plastic container, and then I took about a tablespoon of that in the ground beef with an egg. Goat cheese makes the best topping – just crumble it over the top. Yum! I’m planning to use the rest of the seasoning over shredded chicken later in the week, and putting that mix in a pita.

I hope you all had wonderful dinners!