This couple is letting their children design their wedding cake. They sat down with the kids and they came up with a Jeep, four pairs of boots, a skunk and a green (?)gorilla. Mary Alice is hoping there’s some kind of family joke behind it, and as usual she harbors worries that they’ll hate it. However, my guess is that the parents will understand it all and they’ll love it.

There’s a make a wish girl (she has brain cancer) whose wish, apparently, was to make a birthday cake with Duff Goldman. That’s a really cool wish. Whoever you are, kid, I already like you. It is also to be covered in animals, with a jungle theme. Make-a-Wish is also sponsoring her party, from what I understand, which is to be huge.

There’s a Southwest Spirit event, and Southwest Airlines wants a Duff cake present. Specifically, they want a jet that has been covered in the design of the Maryland flag, which is the flag of the second Lord Baltimore and the Crossland family, combined. It should be awesome, as the flag is quite pretty. Duff is, as usual, pumped – Maryland is the coolest place ever! I’ve decided, North Dakota and Maryland come*directly in line after Texas in sheer state pride. I have never lived or visited anywhere quite so obsessed with themselves as a state, entirely separate from their existence as a united state, quite so much as those three.

This week they started with 29 cakes, four more cakes than they’ve ever done before in one week, but then they discovered a cake that they nearly forgot to post. So, 30 cakes, and 5 more than they’ve ever done before. The offending cake, by the way, was a shoe.

Oh, drama! The Southwest event is on Wednesday, and most people want their cakes on Friday – meaning Charm City is set up to deal with “Cakes done by Thursday night/Friday morning.” The early cake deadline, on such an in-depth cake, is definitely causing some stress for Anna. She was having some difficulty getting the fondant on, and as regular fans know, Anna is OCD. Her Scrabble cake was perfect and playable, she insisted that the little man be where she wanted it to be on an airplane cake some time ago, etc. She has an artist’s vision that can be a little detrimental to her effectiveness, but her cakes are more admirable for it. It was a beautiful cake. And of course, Duff managed to deliver the cake 3 minutes before the deadline. He claims to be a stickler for punctuality.

Duff and M.A. decided to surprise the make-a-wish girl, Laura, at the baggage claim. It was pretty awesome, and Laura is a total sweetheart. She was smiling so hard “she [couldn’t] move her face!” It was so cute. She looked dumbfounded, ecstatic, and shocked at once. So perfect.

Laura is awestruck upon getting to the bakery (in a limo, no less). She can’t talk for a bit: “Nice shirt” Duff says. She nods. “Would you like a tour of the bakery?”, nod. She sees Geoff and she does exactly what I would do: stares in awe and waves at the back of his head – he was, of course, cutting cake at the time.

She finally opens up and wants to know if Duff has ever had a food fight. He has, of course.

Duff, of course, thinks he should hire her. Mary Alice was expecting her to be a more heart-wrenching, but she was so much fun. And the cake? The coolest cake in the world. The whole thing was so sweet. It was a huge jungle cake, covered in fondant jungle animals, and then the whole thing was lightly sprayed in silver so it was a very sparkly, marbled jungle. It was beautiful. Go you, Laura!

So, normally I would include a synopsis of how much the parents loved the cake, however, I think you need to hear more Josh’s reaction to the cake. I was reading a blog post over the commercial, and the parent’s wedding cake comes on. He sees two children, a boy and a girl (10, 12?),dressed to the nines, being delivered this cake. He says, “I hope that’s for a birthday” – I don’t even look up yet and I know, he’s talking about the wedding cake that is a jeep and a green gorilla and a monkey. I say, oh, no, that’s a wedding cake. I also don’t see his face of horror – yet. I say then, “That’s their kids, and they said they said could do whatever they wanted for their wedding cake.”

Well, Josh didn’t hear the “That” and thought I meant, “They’re kids, and [Charm City Cakes] said [the kids] could do whatever they wanted for their wedding cake.” He promptly freaked, of course. I was utterly confused for about a minute, and wow. Wow. Okay, maybe you all didn’t think that was half as funny as we did. But it was awesome.