Beef Burgundy is the cuisine of choice tonight, while I’m at work. Tonight, however, I will be back in time for not one, but two reviews! The “sweet sixteen” food network cake challenge is on tonight, as is Dinner: Under Construction. Iiiinteresting.

The recipe for that delicious bouef is as follows: Dredge cubes of stew beef in flour, salt, and pepper. Saute in your favorite method, butter suggested. Oh, and saute in something deep. Dutch oven preferable. (Ha! I don’t own one, but a very deep skillet, with lid, will do.) Anyway, when your meat is good and done, add some carrots (I’m using a half-pound), some onions (HA!), some mushrooms (double HA!), and garlic (oh, we’ll add that: 2 cloves). Give all that a quick stir, look for a wee bit of caramelization, and then add 1.5 cups of beef stock and 0.5 cup of burgundy. My grocery didn’t have burgundy in any kind of decent amount (3 liter bottles does not suggest a good burgundy. Nor does it suggest anything Josh or I would ever be able to drink) so I got a different red at the suggestion of the wine lady. Thankfully, my grocer does have a wine lady, for alkie idiots like me.

Bring this kinda nasty colored mess to a simmer, cover, walk away for an hour. About 10 minutes before that hour is up, boil some egg noodles. Put this on plate, put beef over, some carrots, and if you’re Josh, put a small dollop of sour cream on top. If you’re Liz, stare at him incredulously, and then do it yourself, because it does sound good. Wasn’t this supposed to be healthy?