So now that we’re back in Iowa. Yes. Iowa. Complete with home-like feeling and mice. But that’s a drama for when I catch the little bugger. Not sure what to do with him yet. Desperately hoping the trap (well, whichever one of eight) just kills him in one humane blow.

My in-laws, geniuses that they are, have a deep freezer. Why does this make them geniuses? Because when you have a deep freezer, you can buy butchered cow. Not “beef” – no, half a cow, and butcher costs. It’s merely North Dakota beef (the delightful corn-fed Kansas beef I grew up with is blatantly superior) but beggars cannot be choosers. Real cow is better than processed cow. Period. We are so grateful for this, or at least I am. Holy cow. (er, pun not intended, but it’s funny so I’ll leave it) Chuck steak from a small ranch is at least double as good as the greatest New York strip from the cow factories.

So now I have all this delicious beef and I don’t know what I want to make with it. Fajitas, definitely. Soup, maybe, as I have soup bones. Never waste soup bones. Steak and herb pasta. Steak Salad? the boys would never fly with that. They might deal if I made roast beef. Beef burgundy.

Perhaps I’ll just have steak once. And cobbler. has been doing a “Battle of the Cobbler” and it’s got me hungry for the stuff. It can be our indulgence this week.

Sounds like a week! I should be back to my normal reviewing schedule shortly, after this mouse has come to a satisfying end.