Everybody loves sweet and sour, right? That super-citrus flavor, found in things like apple martinis and key lime cocktails, as well as a host of other things? It also is known as “Bar Mix” – indicative of its incredible popularity.  Guess what? It’s also the easiest mixer to make!

You start out making simple syrup. We’ll be making quite a bit, but if you can’t see yourself going through this much, the recipe scales well. Start with 3 cups of sugar and 3 cups of water. Mix in a sauce pan (what you’re supposed to do) or a teflon coated deep skillet (What I do. I dislike dishes, especially sticky ones). Anyway, so you mix this together over medium heat and bring it to a low simmer, where you let it stay for a minute or so. It’ll get, well, syrupy. Hence the name.

Right, so let that cool off. Cover it, of course, because sugar plus water? Okay, every ant, fly, gnat, otherwise gross creepy crawly, they know it’s there and they want it. Want.  So cover it tightly.  (Though if you mix a simple syrup with some kind of bug poison, for instance, soap, it makes a nice bug killer.)

Ew. Anyway, once it’s all cooled off, go ahead and mix in 2 cups of lime juice and 2 cups of lemon juice. Stir until combined (no heat this time) and then pour it into your container. An old alcohol bottle that’s very clean would be great, or a bell jar. A tupperware would also be fine, but then you have the trouble that it’s hard to pour things out of a tupperware.