Yesterday was cool-down day from Sunday, where we had this huge party celebrating two weddings, and enough food that I’ll have to diet for a couple months to loose the effects. There was Strawberry Pretzel Dessert (there’s a cream cheese filling in between the sweet pretzel crust and the strawberry Jello on top), cookie salad (it’s convoluted, but there is pineapple and cookies in a vanilla pudding base, along with the kitchen sink and perhaps the rest of North Dakota), cole slaw (or cold slaw, or coleslaw, or just slaw), and brats. Oh, the brats were spicy – two kinds, jalapeño and spiced. The jalapeño ones were milder, if you can believe it – I couldn’t. Picture steam coming out my ears at an explosive rate. That’s about right. I was pretty sure they were trying to blow my ears off!

But it was delightful, and someone made a cake – 2 layers were carrot and one was chocolate. Yum! But the wonderful lady who made it made enough to serve the entire US Marines – active and retired. In short, we have leftovers.

So yesterday we sat around and felt bloated, along with eating yet more food. I don’t know who got the myth about grandmas fattening you up – they have nothing on mothers-in-law. We had spaghetti and dumplings; spaghetti for us girls who never get it (because our men hate it) and dumplings for the boys (since we’ll never make it for them.)

Lots of leftovers there too. I’m pretty sure no one could cook for the remainder of our stay and there would still be food enough to feed an army at the end.