So I meant to post this yesterday for your viewing pleasure, however, I was in the car from 8am to 10:30 pm, so I do hope you’ll forgive me.

If you’re interested in making your own drinks, why not make your own mixers, as well? I might make this a new series for you all – tasty drinks, not necessarily alcoholic, but party mixes. However, it’ll likely be bi-weekly. I’m a fan of doing your own experimentation with drinks. But then, if you have your own drink you think needs shared with the world, you can always tell me about it, and I’ll post it! (With appropriate linkage of course.)

So this recipe, today, is not a drink. It is, in fact, how to make Grenadine!

Grenadine is one of those delicious staples in the beverage making world, a pretty red juice that delights and amazes. Shirley Temple and Roy Rogers just wouldn’t be who they are today without it! (a Roy Rogers is coke and grenadine)

Anyway.  It’s really easy to make if you can find pomegranates in your local market. Simply seed them – remember, the seeds are the edible part – by slicing them in half and smacking on the outer side with a spoon. This will dislodge the seeds, sprinkling them into whatever receptacle you have nearby. I recommend a sauce pot, for this application. By the way, this technique is called “Spanking the pomegranate.” Naughty, neh?

Anyway, so cook these for a couple of minutes, until they give off their juice easily. Smash with fork, spoon, pestle…get as much liquid out as you can, and then strain it all into a large measuring cup. How much pomegranate juice do you have? Put every drop back into the pot along with an equal amount of sugar. Bring this to a very low simmer, and let it reduce for 10 minutes. Pour this off into a sterile bottle (or you can can it), cap, and refrigerate. Use whenever you need!