Duff, Geoff, and Mary Alice are at the Competition, therefore, Anna’s in charge. It will be interesting to see if Anna is also full of antioxidants, or if she’s a pushover.

Cakes this week: A replica of the bar Max’s on Broadway. It’s a wedding cake, and not only are they replicating the building, there is also to be a mini-bride poking a passed-out groom with a pool cue. Should be entertaining! There is also a “Kid’s Poetry Cake” – a groom’s cake for a guy that is supposed to be covered in his old artwork and poetry.

Duff is at the supreme challenge – late. Oh, wait, wait, literally within minutes of the meeting he had to be at. *Just* in time. Are you surprised? I’m not! Definitely not.

Anna may be in charge, but….uh, Elaine is practicing her chair-spinning skills, Mary is napping, and Anna’s opinion? “Everyone’s really good at motivating themselves. Oh, and also the cakes, while numerous, are not difficult.”

Napping on the job might still be a bad idea
. It’ll teach Duff to leave the mice to play, right?

Back at the competition, Mary Alice on her “extreme” introduction: “I don’t know what the protocol is for walking through lasers!” Duff doesn’t know how to use a mic. He’s flailing it all around, arms over his head, while trying to talk. Need to hold it up to your face there, dear.

It was exciting to see the Sock Monkey again. It was just as cool the second time. Also, it focused more on Duff and M.A. and Geoff, which was exciting. Mary Alice seemed even more stressed than the competitors when there was four minutes left. Duff was energized and he seemed to love having the tables turned – though he did say a couple times he wished he could have participated.

Despite the fact that apparently they didn’t do anything, Mary Alice seems to think they aren’t too far behind. Though they left the entire Max’s on Broadway for Geoff, which he wasn’t so terribly excited, but he admitted that everything else was good. I think it was lame of them to leave that cake for Geoff, though. LAME! It turned out absolutely silly and spectacular, therefore, it was yet another Geoff-Rocks moment.

Clark’s cake looked completely like Clark had drawn it, even though Anna painted on all the art. It looked like they had screened prints of his art onto the cake. Wow!

Kid quote of the week: “We Baltimore people are so much better than Boston. Our baseball team isn’t though” I think this needs to be an ongoing series: crazy-weird stuff the kid’s said.

(Oh, and Anna? Total pushover)