Much in contrast to the last visit with mom, now she’s coming here – and I had no warning! Being me, of course, I couldn’t imagine greeting anyone coming to visit, much less my mother, without food.

 But when your mother is a mere hour away, and you’re out of supplies, what do you make? 

I had no time to get myself to a grocery, so it was time for an inventory.  I had a lot of things, but all were earmarked for a dinner. However, I did have a few things that I could toss together, namely a can of croissant dough, cream cheese, cocoa, sugar, and tea.

Teatime! I could make chocolate-stuffed croissants and have some tea. I set the cream cheese out, kept up with my tasks for the day, and then when it was warm I blended in 2 tablespoons of chocolate and some sugar. I kept adding more sugar until it tasted sweet. If I’d had vanilla, I would have added maybe a teaspoon of that – it could have used it pretty bad. But I didn’t, and so I made do. It came out looking surprisingly like peanut butter, and it spread just as well. I spread it all on one side of each little triangle, spread some raspberry jam, and then rolled them up. Tip: Leave the tip of the triangle where you want the croissant to land, because they get a little bit warm when you are working with them spreading the cheese, making them very hard to move.

Bake for the requisite 11 minutes at 375 and remark on how delicious your kitchen smells. Yum!