I have discovered a new food obsession: Mediterranean. I have fallen head over heels for Mediterranean food, so long as you hold the olives. Yes, I know, you can’t hold the olives in Mediterranean food – but you shouldn’t hold the oyster sauce in Japanese food, and I know a number of home cooks that do.

Anyway, so the peak of my current obsession with the cold-cooked phenomena is pepperoncinis. They also go by other names: commonly, here in the midwest, people call them banana peppers. Waxed peppers, sweet Italian peppers, and Tuscan peppers are other common names. They are very mild, sweet, and often pickled, which lends the pickled tang. They are often sliced into rings – oh, and they’re a bright, funky yellow, as opposed to green or red.

If you’d like to try one, head over to your nearest subway. Get a sub, and ask for some banana peppers on the side. If you’re anything like me, you’ll be asking for extras to load the sub with ASAP!

Aside from silly fast food like Subway, they are common in southern Italian and greek food. You can find them on antipasti plates and stuffed with feta cheese. Delicious! There’s this recipe for chorizo-stuffed pepperoncinis with chicken and artichoke hearts that I want to try, but I’ll have to wait until I can find both pepperoncinis and artichoke hearts in the local grocer.

What’s your most recent food obsession?