The White Sox (boo!) play the Yankees, where Robert will get his mission.

Not knowing what you are doing is the scariest thing in the world, for anyone: not just Chefs. But now that he does, it’s 200 people, gourmet baseball park meal, with only on-site food – by the seventh inning stretch, meaning that he doesn’t get to know when exactly food’s out – does he have 3 hours, or does he have 45 minutes?

Dave? Dave?! Where are the GEORGES?! Dave is not helping with this, as thus far into the episode they are frenetically grabbing every piece of food in the freezer, rather than coming up with a menu. This is, of course, an exhausting feat.

Acquired: Ice Cream Dots. I want an “Acquired: Ice Cream Dots” sign in my life.

Robert also has to take time off from cooking to toss the first pitch. Being English, he doesn’t have the history of randomly pitching the ball around – he claims to have never even done this once – therefore, he’s convinced he’s going to fail it. He is, as always, utterly honored. Fail it, he does, but he’s got food to cook!

Right now he’s staring standard ballpark food in the eye. Nothing fancy. Just, you know, chicken wings and burgers. Pizza sauce becomes baked gourmet tomato sauce, and somehow margarita mix plus dipping dots is good. He swaps out brat buns for tortillas and cheese. Randomly making food a little more gourmet, but together, it makes it seem as he planned it to be this awesome.

lemon lime lemon lime peppers peppers peppers!

There are so many reasons I love Robert Irvine, and one of them is that he never does anything half-baked. “I can’t serve that, my name’s on it.” More men need to care about what their name is on. “Dinner’s impossible, but you know what, we’re gonna make it!” Yes, Robert, you are. (Also I love that he says “Bugger.” So perfect!)

The bugger, of course, was because he cut himself, pretty nasty, because he was working too quickly.

3 outs left and he’s just not done. Wow, this is down to the wire — except, there is a pitching change! Pitching changes take about 10 minutes, giving him a chance to at least put things in chargers, but then the businesswoman comes up and says, “Sorry, it’s the seventh inning stretch. You’ve struck out.”

He tells her that there is enough upstairs that she should change her tune. And so upstairs she goes, and change her tune she does. Go Robert! It was really awesome. Definitely worth staying up this late for.