Today is, of course, the finale to the Next Food Network Star, in which we discover whether Amy won, or if it was Rory. Thank you, my Boss, for scheduling me to work during the singular most important televised moment this summer, except for maybe the Dinner: Impossible that comes right after.

Because of this ever-so-unfortunate blip in the Matrix, Josh will be writing his review of the first showing of the finale, and I will write my review for the 11pm showing, and I’ll also review the midnight showing of Dinner: Impossible as well.  Watch, you’ll probably all think Josh is a more compelling writer.

Forgive me for spelling errors in advance, I’ll be both tired and hyped on the drama. And excited to see old friends again (Paul or Grella, if you must know, are those I would have wanted to win. I still don’t understand why they dropped Grella.)

And, yes, I am already terrified that they are going to do what they did to Guy to Amy, if she wins. I loved Guy too, but “Guy’s Big Bite” is not the Guy I wanted to see on TV!