Holy cow, guys. It’s a new episode of Ace of Cakes!

Wedding Bells and Shotgun Shells

I love the insult beaver cake. I love the insult beaver cake. I want to make an insult cake. Basically, it was a really cute beaver that had toothpicks stuck in at random junctures with fondant flags: “Varicose veins”, “Wrinkles”, “Flat butt,” etc. It was for a gentleman’s 40th by the name of David Beaver. Priceless cake, really. Priceless.

The rich people on the Titanic would have been in the cake part of the cake. The poor people would have been in the styrofoam. Mary Alice, being of Irish descent, would have been in the styrofoam. Oh, the things you learn on Ace of Cakes. Really, though, the “disaster” cake (an airplane crashing into the sinking Titanic and flames abound) went off without a hitch and was yet another Geoff masterpeice.

I was not as fond of the sutton hoo helmet as Duff seemed to be. He thought it was really amazing, and while technically it *was*, I just didn’t like it. I’m not exactly a fan of helmets, I guess.

Duff had a little reminisce drama over how Sherri got married, but because he had to build the cake, he couldn’t be there – and that’s how all his friends’ weddings go. You have to feel kind of bad for the guy. That is definitely a part they don’t write down in the job description!

Another absolutely wonderful episode in one of my favorite series on the network!