Always best to cook things when they’re in season, right? So have a peach-and-apricot pie today, or a berry tart! Basil is definitely in season (once, as a child, I had a basil plant that looked more like a tree than anything it was so healthy. We could steal so many leaves and it wouldn’t even phase the plant).

Beets are a summer veggie, not a fall one – stories of borscht aside. Same with chili peppers – fall chili utilizes the fact that dried chilis are just as delicious. Cucumbers are delightfully in season: but be careful, they’ll start to get really big, and that just spells bitter and nasty. Obviously, corn is, and tomatoes, all the melons, and the ubiquitous summer squash (if only all other foods made their identification so easy, neh?)

Cherries and plums are coming fresh of the trees (and there is nothing quite like a plum, fat and juicy, directly off the tree. I love plums!) But don’t forget figs. They are also currently in season, if you like them. Weird little fruits, I’ve never been a fan.

Things that are NOT in season: There is no orange in season! Sweet oranges are a product of spring, and mandarin ones a fall crop. Pomegranates and persimmons are being pushed too fast, you shouldn’t be seeing those until September at least! Lettuce and broccoli should also wait a few more months, though both of them start their season in the summer. Quince and star fruit (I’ve noticed them popping up at my local mega-mart. I once had a quince tree in my backyard. NEVER. EAT. RAW!) are also not ready until at least September, but October’s fruits are best. Pears, also, shouldn’t be found in summer – or at least, not until very late summer.


PS: This is in my Midwestern farmin’ experience, with a little looked-up knowledge. If you know different for your area, you should comment!