So this evening, I made dinner based on my cravings, rather than trying to compromise the likes of Josh, myself, and our housemate. This can be difficult, as Josh and housemate are definitely guy-guys, and wholeheartedly dislike most vegetables, except for the handful of which I dislike. Gratuitous salad is a no-no, even if it is topped with deep fried chicken. (There is one exception, for which you should tune in tomorrow)

They like meat. Meat, meat, sauce, meat, fattening thing, meat, okay beans. Calories, fat grams, etc — but they are also okay with eating only twice a day. I prefer lots of lighter meals.

But today I was craving fruit. Fruit! Girly, sweet-but-not-candy, strawberries, mint…light, thin, low-cal.

Oh, boy. Well, both of them like chicken. A few internet searches gave me an implausible recipe: Mint chicken, stuffed with all manner of things that Josh won’t eat. But the idea, mint chicken, I could work with. I took some chicken and marinated it in lemon juice (1/2 cup), citrus rum(1 oz) , and muddled fresh mint(5-6 leaves). I would mute it with a bit of water next time, as it was strong – or marinate less long, but it seems for most people to be convenient to marinate exactly as long as they are at work.

Then, I made a mint syrup by heating 1/2 cup of water with 1/4 cup sugar in a saucepan and added 4 more mint leaves, sliced into strips (roll them all up together, and then slice, for ease). I cooked this until it was a thick syrup. I marinated a flat (pound) of strawberries and 4 bananas in that.

Right before dinner, I cooked the chicken to almost-done, and then I yanked it back out and put the whole lot on skewers. Lacking a grill, I sauteed for a minute, but if you have a grill, you should.

The whole thing was easy (if messy – sticky syrup everywhere!) and absolutely delicious. And though it is definitely girl-food, Josh said he liked it, and he really liked the change of pace. The house mate, on the other hand, was definitely not as enthused. Apparently he dislikes bananas and strawberries. Oops.