Hello internet. This is my blog. You can sit down and stay, or you can just read the post about how they kicked and then they….well, I suppose I should let you read that on your own, since you managed to get here on your own. (Did I mention there are a lot of you? A lot more than there were yesterday.)

My final thoughts on the series as a whole: I’m pretty sure they could have done the same thing, easier, without all the drama! There were tears when there didn’t need to be. There was that part when they showed JAG bawling on TV. The guy already has to live with himself for lying, he doesn’t need to have the words “You’re a total baby” added on top. They didn’t have to kick people out slowly, one by excruciating one.

But obviously I watched every week, and am already one of Amy’s biggest fans!

 Week Four
Week Five
The Truth on JAG
Week Six
Week Seven

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