Can it be true? Can it really be? There is a new food network challenge?

Normally I wouldn’t post this many times this fast (I was writing while watching!) but there is no way I can let this cake challenge be overthrown by NFNS. It was amazing, it was Ace of Cakes, only Duff was judging instead of making – and it made me more excited than ever for the new episodes of Ace of Cakes coming up this week!

After the emotional roller-coaster of NFNS, I’m not sure I can handle it, but here I am, reviewing what seems to be the coolest cake competition ever. Power tools, glowing monkey eyes, hydraulic parts — this is totally a challege on “Duffoids.” (Duff’s word, not mine!)

Early on it was hard to keep track of who was doing what and what cakes flashed, blinked, or sparked, but you knew: every single one of these cakes was going to be the singular coolest cake you’ve never seen. (Never? yeah, I’m kinda wondering how many of these are going to bust on the floor before the end)

Rubber bands not behaving the way they were expected to, fondant not getting on to cakes as fast as their decorators expected, toxic fumes, falling cakes, and in general, terrifying cakes. The problems are just as extreme as the cakes, rest assured!

I love that Duff is the most helpful judge ever. At one point he bursts, “I want to help so bad” as he shakes his sleeve where it shows he’s a judge, “but I can’t!” At another point he leaves a broomstick, saying to the competitor, “I’m going to leave this here, in case you get any inspiration.”

Cakes, in their final bits:
A beautiful treehouse with a dog spewing fireworks.
A 6 foot tall monkey with blinking eyes, a smoking brain, and amazing fireworks spewing out the base and either hand.
A dangling cake (this one had a lot of problems, but it was supposed to be akin to a chandelier, only with cake)
A giant culinary swiss army knife, with a spinning whisk, and flammable gas that he can’t manage to light on fire. Flammable gas, flammable gas, and he finally gets a match going — and there’s a pop, and it goes to commercial. Thankfully, there was no explosion, and Duff gets the guy to stop lighting matches for a while. And there’s flame and fireworks.

Duff is a very fair judge, because he’s been here, and he does this, and he knows how much an extreme cake can take out of you.

The reviews were hilarious: Geoff on the monkey, “It’s huge.” Silence, and then laughter. Mary Alice on the Swiss army knife: “Your cake scared the h out of me!”

And the winner? The sock monkey. Of course. It came back for revenge and it rocked it. It was 6 ft tall and still detailed. It was cake. It was six feet tall. There was fireworks. It won, rightfully.