Another one that the ad spot had me a little apprehensive about! It’s definitely a necessary show: Rachel Ray plus Sandra Lee meets Latino! And Latino food is not exactly in high supply on the Food Network. We’ve got Creole, Italian, Americana, Asian on occasion…..not so much Latino. However, I am not sure if I like Ingrid. She seems a bit overscripted.
One, dos, tres, quatro, cinco, six!

The show begins, and I’m already put off. She’s on the boat and with her friends already at the party where everything is made and then she pauses her friends. She snaps them frozen. What?! Obviously, this contrived stupidity isn’t Ingrid’s fault, what writer in their right mind thought this was a good idea?!

Anyway, so it gets better as she starts making something that looks suspiciously like my sausage upside-down cornbread (I’ll have to post that later today…) gone Latino. I can get behind this. Having eaten sausage upside-down cornbread, having made it for friends (it was actually star dish at the first party I ever hosted without help, at the age of 14) I can definitely see it as being really good with a latino tilt. It’s very western as it is!

The woman keeps telling us to smell things. This done cornbread, smell this! That cumin, smell that! And the camera will pan in as if we could actually listen to these commands. Okay, I don’t know about you, but this is the singular thing that has driven me nuts for the longest about food TV, and really, any situation in which you are not learning to cook in someone’s kitchen. You can’t quite explain what “smells done” is. And also it just makes you really jealous, because you know that *she* gets to eat it and you don’t. Because when you can smell food, you can usually be allowed to eat it, or at least snitch a bite.

Last thing that drives me nuts: What’s a lychee, lady? Wikipedia and some common sense says it looks like a fruit (kind of like the flesh of a pear, but small and closer to round) but then, scallops look kind of like chicken chunks and Josh won’t touch seafood with a 10-foot pole, so it’s good that I know they aren’t. She explained that lychees were floral and fruity, but what is it? I would have liked to hear your explanation. She had a few other vegetables, I can’t remember what now, that weren’t common that she didn’t explain – I wish she would have. I don’t watch the Food Network for recipes as much as I do for tips and knowledge of new ingredients.

Oh well, it was followed up with Everyday Italian and the Barefoot Contessa which is Liz’s FoodTV power hour. Yum, even if I’m sure it is a pair of reruns I’ve seen a million times each, it’ll be better than this.

PS: As a final note, I will say: I would make her food. I might very well look up her recipes on the food network when I’m in the latino mood, (Josh usually is) because they look good. I don’t think I’ll be watching her show again.