So today, I finally had to give up on my favorite wooden spoon and spatula. My other favorite spoon is also looking a little dilapidated. Therefore, I’m looking for a utensil set that has a few things that my kitchen could sorely use – either we don’t have one, or we need at least one more, as well as a crock. Right now we keep all of our utensils on the side of our flatware, which was okay when we first moved in, but it’s started to get cluttered as I require more and more. I’d like to be able to keep my favorites on the stove in a pretty crock.

Things I would like in this crock: A spaghetti spoon, a ladle, a whisk, a spatula, slotted spoon.

However, asthetics is also a point. Our future kitchen will be decorated in bright, fruity colors, with black/steel accents. I’m fond of the canister here:

but I’m also fond of the possibility of just using a milk pail with a pretty ribbon. These utensils look more useful, due to being kitchenaid. And what I need, save the whisk.

Did you get all your utensils as a set? What brand? What is the one utensil you can’t live without?