Thoughts going in: 😦 I don’t want this episode to end! I don’t want anyone to go home! I’m guessing, however, JAG or Rory is going down.

It is Iron Chef night, and it’s going to be amazing. I love seeing Alton as chairman. He’s so hilarious.

Go Rory! You got a tagline, Bistro Backyard! I like Gourmet Next Door better, but it’s good. Go Paul! 100 points to you for saying the words “Party Food on a budget, what can I do with that?”

Go Amy! you LOOK up that panko bread crumb! I love that she looked it up. Enable yourself for success, woman! Enable! Yourself! Success! No more homesickness!

JAG is not as good as Amy with with the commentary, but she’s pretty amazing. He’s fairly neutral really.

Also, wow. Rory’s kitchen was icky-looking. I have a 1 foot square counterspace, total and mine doesn’t get that bad. However, her food looked really good.

Paul’s pineapple thing — looked amazing. He kicked it up a notch with the “entertaining on a budget.” I can’t say that the taste was any good (they didn’t show everything that went into everything, due to 1 hour’s cooking time being shrunk into 15 minutes). But I have to say, the pineapple looks great. Paul, as of 8:30, I am sure will stay. And he deserves it.

As for JAG and Amy, I think that as announcers, Amy deserves to stay.

JAG got colombe, and Amy does have to go up against JAG, but Colombe is a total handicap – but she could also help him out by making things simple, nacho cheese girl. Amy and Adrien are still going to rock it.

Go Amy! Gourmet Next Door on a plate! She wasn’t kidding, either, a chicken drummette in the moroccan style, another moroccan dish, and a home-y chicken stuffed thing.

Go JAG! Make it simple. ….And yeah, keep colombe busy and out of the way. Also I want your foods — chicken and goat cheese wontons on this plate please!

Oh Paul, you cooked so well. Commentate! Please? Plummy is NOT a location. it’s not even a designation of tomato. Take your job seriously. Amy didn’t know — she LOOKED it UP. Not so sure he’s sticking around.

Oh JAG, burning is bad……and there goes the sadness. “Way to grill, indeed.” He scorched his chicken and filled all of the mini kitchen with smoke.

Oh Rory, please stop being saucy. You might yet save Paul from his fate. Between the two of you, there is so much clueless.

I think Amy pulled off her presentation – low on flavor for the first dish, but the second two rocked it out. I think she just rocked the monkey out of that. Go Amy! They made you stay, because they honestly think you can do this. So do I!

Oh, the wontons weren’t good? How do you screw up a wonton! Wontons…..are the best. And he screwed up so bad. He’s gone. He’s so gone, and it’s almost sad, because he’s gotten *so* rocked, it’s sad. I’m so sad for him. Honest, but ouch.

Wait no, you are an adult. Male. You don’t cry! Big boys don’t cry. Not that I’m forgiving of the network for showing your lowest moment, period. That was just cold-hearted. Also, he did try so hard to change himself for them. He screwed himself over because he listened to their advice.

They let Amy go safe with an amazing review (flawless, fluid, calm, confident – GO AMY!), and they then let Rory go safe, and then they told JAG and Paul that they simply had not made a decision yet. That’s not even nice. I do think that JAG deserves the walk more for his performance, even if said performance was brought on by their previous insults. Paul’s food looked so good, but then also — he has to know how to teach. And to talk to the camera. Those things are imperative. As for the knowing, inherently, about food: life isn’t about what you know, it’s about how fast and how effectively you can use the resources available to you. He can learn.

And in a freaky turn of events (and one academy award winning speech later), JAG stays. WHAT?! They’re all, we don’t like JAG, should we bring them back down? We kick Paul off. My head is whirling. Obviously they cut out a lot of conversation out there, but they didn’t have to make it confusing.