Josh and I are headed to my mother’s home for my birthday, wherein we will also celebrate the birthdays of Midget One and Midget Two (who, it should be noted, are neither midgets. Midget one is 5 feet tall at the tender age of 9, and midget two is flying to 4′, and she’s only 6.)

Either way. We’re on our way for a birthday extravaganza (sans birthday presents. We still have to get the buggers those, but we have presents from our trip to the Caribbean. So they can’t complain too much…I hope.) and I thought I would post a very fond birthday memory: My favorite Birthday Dinner, starting from the age of 8? 9? We’ll say 9, since we’ll be celebrating Midget One’s Ninth. (yes, I was a very sophisticated childhood eater. I was one of those kids that would eat ANYTHING UNDER THE SUN. This included things that were green.)

Spinach and Pine Nut Angel Hair

Kay so that’s the recipe. No, really! You use a pound of thawed spinach (or cook a big bag full) and you saute some pinenuts (one small pack), garlic(2 cloves) and red pepper flakes (yum! To your preference, I prefer 1.5 teaspoons) in, oh, 3/4 cup of olive oil, and put the spinach in that long enough to heat it, and then you toss in a box of cooked angel hair pasta. Which, due to being thin, takes I think 90 SECONDS to cook in water. So long and troublesome, neh?

This was my very favorite special meal. Oh, my lucky mother. Midget One and Two like something special too: it’s called fresh crab (“we wants crabs! We’re having crabs for our birfsdays party!” They sound like gollum) and it’s ABSURDLY EXPENSIVE as compared to pinenuts, and way more complicated to eat. Equally simple to make, I think, but who wants a meal that taks 3 hours to eat, and that’s just one course?

The pasta is also great to make whenever, minus the pinenuts (this is a sadness, but you can replace them with chopped walnuts for a autumnal flavor that’s a whole lot cheaper.)

Perhaps tomorrow I will post Josh’s favorite birthday meal in honor of the party. Or maybe I’ll post my favorite chocolate cake 😉