Add some cumin to your favorite macaroni salad recipe for a surprising earthiness. Or to your favorite mac’n’cheese casserole.
Add a 1/2 c of parmasan and a 1/2 package of cream cheese to your mashed potatoes for a creamy, delicious flavor blast!
Make chili butter by adding 2 tsp of chili powder to a stick of butter while creaming it. Brush it on your corn-on-the-cob while grilling. (if you boil yours, leave it out on the butter plate after freezing the butter again so it’s firm.)
Mix 2 parts your standard, basic ketchup with 1 part hoisin sauce for an asian blast on your hotdog.
Take your hotdog buns and brush them with garlic butter and grill along with hotdog. (You might want to NOT mix this with the above. It could be good, but I’ve never tried it!)

Oh, also, don’t get any sparklers in your hair, and do get in at least one snapper fight (but never aim at the person!)

Have a happy and safe Independence Day!

Liz and Josh