Check this out, found at Army Times (admittedly quite a bit late, these interviews were on the 12th of June. Where was I?)

Touted as a graduate of the New York Restaurant School, a former corporal and a grunt-turned-cook who served in Afghanistan, Garcia’s record is actually much less stellar. He didn’t spend nearly two years in the infantry, he didn’t deploy to any war zone, and while it’s unclear whether he was ever a corporal, what is clear is that the Corps showed him to the door nearly eight months early, as a private.

Oh yeah, and he never finished culinary school in New York.

But he’s not entirely lying, either, just smudging:

In a follow-up interview June 11, Garcia was asked to explain why he called himself a former corporal. He admitted to nonjudicial punishments that got him busted down to private, blaming his military troubles on a “hazing scandal” at his former unit.

In a video profile for Food Network, Garcia says “when I was in the Marine Corps, I was a grunt for a year and a half, two years, and um, became a cook.” Marine officials said June 12 that the only military occupational specialty listed in Garcia’s file is food service, and there’s no record of him holding an infantry specialty.

He just let them believe the war hero part, leaving it unsaid. There also seemed to be hazing issues insinuated.

Oh, and on the culinary school? He attended, according to the head honcho, he just didn’t graduate. Which I can definitely get behind (I call myself a social psychologist though I’m not done with schooling. While I’m technically not, it would almost be lying to deny my social psychology background). He was kicked out of culinary school. Wholely different ball of wax. He didn’t drop out on his own merit, he was kicked out.

Tsk, tsk, tsk.