Last night, instead of choosing to post, I chose to make cheesecake. This is not to say that you, my reader, will not WHOLEHEARTEDLY benefit from this decisionmaking process.  The cheesecake was quite tasty.

Okay. So I started off with a semi-recipe ganked from the box of cream cheese. (so unofficial, I know). The crazy people at the cheesecake place think this will only make 1 cheesecake. If you’re making a cheesecake like a new york with the spring pan and the sides, this is true. If you are like me, however, and desire more crust, and thus make it in a normal pie pan…..the filling makes 2, with space for a little to go into the mouths of whomever is not bothered by raw egg.

Pie crust! Be lazy/cheap and get the 44c premade piecrust at the grocery store, or buy graham crackers and add 2 tablespoons of butter. If you go the work-intensive route, add a small amount of orange zest, would you? Oh, and save the rest of that orange.

So, on to the delicious and yummy part! Take 3 packages of (softened) cream cheese. I am wholeheartedly impatient, and can never actually find it in my heart to wait until everything is actually softened. So I just do the extra work.  Beat this in a bowl. Add 1 cup of sugar and 3 eggs, slowly while beating. Starting to be delicious! Add 1/2 tsp vanilla.

Now for something truly spectacular.  Add at LEAST one full tablespoon of orange zest, or until you can’t fathom getting any more zest off that darn orange. Be irritable at aforementioned darn orange for not producing more zest. Be irritable at self for eating other orange.

(or you can skip those last two steps. I’m not sure they affect the deliciousness at all)

Right, so then go rummaging in your kitchen cupboard for the chocolate. No, not the week-old tortilla chips for the party you had, or the baking soda or the flou….there. The chocolate! mmmm. 3/4 a bag.

Well, either way, use a 1/2 bag of chocolate chips (dark if you’re extravagantly delicious) and stir those in.

45 minutes in my oven set at 400, so it’s really 350. Start checking at 30 minutes. Feel free to make some kind of orange chocolate sauce. This is entirely unnecessary.

And there you have delicious cheesecake. Now excuse me, my cheesecake  er, breakfast, is calling!