Hi! After having read the first 10 posts of most of the blogs I read, I have come to the conclusion that there really is no graceful way of doing this.

There will be technical difficulties, please hold. There will also be deliciousness, so you should…well, hold! Food is worth holding for. Right? Right? Who doesn’t like eating?

My husband and I, we eat lots of food that isn’t quite what you would normally think of. For example, fried spaghetti with asian chili sauce. Not quite what you would expect. Oh, and that time that we had Thai hamburgers….also not quite what you would expect. Don’t ever, ever make butternut soup, though, okay? I promise, it tastes like baby food, and it will MAKE YOU CRY.


So we make a lot of fusion food. But we don’t think of it as fusion so much as we just think of it as something good to eat. We are both of the camp that if it tastes good, it doesn’t matter if it’s trendy or not!

I will also apologise. I will not be contributing to the food pornography of the internet, due to the very sad fact that, well — my camera sucks. Sometimes I’ll post a couple pictures that came out okay. Sometimes I’ll even post the crappy ones, if they are very important to the description of what on earth my batty bum is talking about.

I hope to post a lot of recipes, of course, but more importantly I hope to post lots and lots of tips for you. I think that cooking is, above all, a plaything. You shouldn’t cook with a recipe, you should cook with tips! I will also post reviews of foodie things that I approve of, and reviews of Food Network shows.

So welcome, sit down, and have somethin’ to eat.